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Employment at the Great Northwest

A dedicated team with great values.

The Great Northwest Community Improvement Association, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit mandatory membership deed restricted property owners association of about 19,000 residents located in the Northwest San Antonio.

We have approximate 18 full-time employees, plus multiple seasonal part-time employees as needed (such as Life Guards, Pool Gate Guards, Newspaper Carriers, Referees, etc.). In addition, we have some contracted employees.

Equal Opportunity Employer
The Great Northwest is an equal opportunity employer. Prospective applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, creed, sex, religion, national origin or other protected condition. There are minimum age requirements for all positions and dress and grooming standards for all employees.

Drug Screening / Physicals
Drug screening showing no evidence of illegal drug use is a precondition to employment by the Great Northwest. Physical exams are required for some positions. Drug screening and physicals are at the Association's expense.

Your Job Application Packet must include:
  1. Cover Letter 
  2. Resume 
Return completed applications by the deadline to:
Great Northwest CIA, Inc. 
8809 Timberwilde Drive 
San Antonio, TX 78250

Or e-mail your completed application to:

Applications may also be left with the front desk staff during regular office hours, mailed or dropped in the drop box just outside the main entrance to the GNW Lodge or faxed to 210.681.2986.

We may reject late applications.


Position: Security Patrol Officer
Reports To: Security Chief Officer

· Current driver’s license, insurable driving record, and maintain good driving record
· Must be of good moral character with no criminal record
· Must be in good health and pass a pre-employment physical examination (drug screen)
· Prior military police or law enforcement experience is preferred; demonstrated proficiency in dealing with the application of laws, rules and regulations is required.
· Must use tact, courtesy, patience, understanding and discretion in dealing with members of the Association and the public.
· Must be able to take and follow direction but also show initiative when appropriate or necessary
· Must be able to work as a team member in harmony with and support of other Association security patrol staff members and other Association staff.
Under the direction and supervision of the Security Chief, the Patrol Officer acts to regulate, safeguard and protect the Association common area facilities and property; assist with the enforcement of the Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions; acts to assist residents of the Great Northwest to deter crime and encourage practices with promote their safety and well-being; provide courtesy services to residents; and undertake other responsibilities as assigned by the Security Chief and/or Community Manager.
Responsibilities & Duties
1. Have a working knowledge of the guidelines, policies and procedures of the Association for security employees and the provisions of the Declaration of Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
2. Regularly patrol and check all Association-owned property and facilities
3. Respond to calls from the Association’s alarm monitoring company indicating intrusion into Association facilities and call for police assistance when an intrusion is taking place
4. Conduct regular checks of facility users for current Association membership cards and exclude users without current cards.
5. Respond to request for assistance from other Association employees
6. Assist in the enforcement of Association facility use rules, policies and procedures
7. Open and close facility access gates and turn exterior facility lighting on and off at schedule times
8. Report to the Security Chief any malfunction of any Association equipment or repairs needed to any Association facility, property or equipment.
9. Cooperate with the San Antonio Police Department in policing the Great Northwest
10. Conduct a regular patrol of the neighborhood streets in the Great Northwest
11. Observe, investigate and report to the Security Chief apparent violations of the CC&Rs
12. Follow-up regarding apparent covenant violations as directed by the Security Chief where appropriate utilizing the resources of other agencies including SAPD, City of San Antonio, code compliance, animal control, etc.
13. Work as requested with Association’s safety standing committee
14. Assist as directed in the sponsorship, promotion and operation of crime prevention programs such as Block Captains, Neighborhood Watch, McGruff, Operation ID, Operation Child ID, etc. and other programs and activities designed to teach or encourage crime prevention
15. Report hazardous or dangerous road conditions, damage or missing street signs and burned-out streetlights to the appropriate municipal office; remove from streets broken glass and other minor obstructions which may endanger street users or otherwise be a safety hazard
16. When requested, assist residents in dealing with law enforcement officers and agencies
17. Assist residents with courtesy services such as home entry when alone; securing locksmith services when lock out of home or vehicle; assisting with the changing of flat tires; in obtaining towing or mechanical services, and the like
18. Undertake such further and other duties and responsibilities and performs such tasks as may be assigned

Hours - Rotating shifts Monday – Sunday


Reports to: Recreation Programs Manager

Here at the Great Northwest our priority is to provide the best customer service at our pools all summer long.  Our overall goal is to provide a positive, clean, safe and orderly environment at our pools for the use and enjoyment of water-loving people, as well as staff.  The role of all summer pool staff is to keep people in a mass of water, safe from harm, working to keep the pool area clean and healthy, and all water-loving people safe, should something go wrong.

Preventing drowning accidents and injuries is the only thing Lifeguards should be worried about when they are working their post. The Lifeguard’s duty is to monitor everyone using the pool area and ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves in a safe manner.  Enforcing Rules is a critical part of the job of a Lifeguard so it is imperative that Lifeguards understand all facility guidelines for using the pool.  It is mainly the Lifeguard’s job to speak with guests who are not following the rules and explain to them the safety issues and why the guidelines must be followed.  All of this is done from their post, as they should continue to keep watch of the pool and not allow distractions.  Lifeguards may help before or after a shift to clean and maintain the pool area. While they are on duty, they are only maintaining the safety of the guests and enforcing facility rules.  

Under the direction and supervision of the Head Lifeguards, the Lifeguard acts to ensure that everyone using the pool area is enjoying themselves safely and enforcing rules, managing time, maintain an appropriate standard of organization, cleanliness and upkeep of the pool to which he or she is assigned through attention to detail or assisting their teammates in any way when they are available.   

  1. Previous customer service experience being friendly, using tact, courtesy, patience and ability to work around confidential information in a discreet, professional manner.
  2. Able to multi-task and juggle tasks as priority demands
  3. Able to work as a team member with initiative while being in harmony with and support of other Association staff
  4. Able to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations
  5. Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  6. Thorough understanding of, and abide by and enforce, rules, policies and procedures
  7. Current status in the following certifications, to be renewed annually: 
    1. American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification 
    2. Professional Level CPR
    3. First Aid
    4. Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
    5. Oxygen Administration
  8. Physical Requirements:
    1. Pass testing of lifeguarding skills and knowledge including: swim 300 yards non-stop, tread water for 2 minutes without hands, back-boarding skills, swim 20 yards, pick up a 10 lb brick off bottom and swim it back in 1 minute 40 seconds, lifeguard written test, etc.
    2. Ability to lift an average weight person (150#) off the pool bottom and out of the water
    3. Stand or sit for long periods of time in summer outside air temperatures and conditions
    4. While performing duties of this job, employee is frequently required to stand; walk; sit; use hand to finger, or feel; reach with arms and hands.  Employee must be able to talk, hear, taste, smell and see (both near and far).  Occasionally required to climb or balance; stoop, kneel or crouch.
  9. Must attend initial orientation and complete exam if required for the following trainings annually before working first shift: 
    1. Staff Core Values COMPASS

  1. Be the Association’s “goodwill” ambassador and greet and assist guests and customers
  2. Perform with the best customer service and ensure a positive experience
  3. Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor, including abiding by uniform requirements
  4. Maintain constant surveillance and visually scan assigned area of responsibility every 10 seconds
  5. Walk the area to monitor activities, provide instructions, and prevent accidents
  6. Provide general information on pool operations to members and caution swimmers regarding unsafe practices and safety hazards, enforce pool rules and regulations
  7. Respond to all illness and injury incidents around the entire pool facility immediately and appropriately, including  performing Lifeguarding skills, First Aid, CPR, and other until arrival of emergency medical services
  8. Rescue swimmers in danger of drowning
  9. No cell phone, head phones or reading material is to be used while on duty
  10. Maintain a clean, safe and orderly pool, deck, Recreation Manager’s Office, pool storage areas, locker and staff areas
  11. Inspect facilities regularly and report unsafe condition to supervisor or maintenance immediately
  12. Perform pool chemical checks at designated times
  13. Keep accurate records of pool usage, chemical levels, pool closures, etc.
  14. Communicate openly and regularly with supervisor and team members
  15. Such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned

Work Environment and Hours
  1. Outdoor weather conditions with little to no temperature control and routine exposure to the sun with exposure to extreme heat, cold, wind and rain.  Work surfaces may be uneven and/or slippery and may be periodically exposed to hazardous conditions or situations.
Working hours are flexible Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday through Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. as scheduled.  They will include evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.