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Recreation FAQs:

Q. What sports are offered at the Great Northwest?
A. We currently offer youth soccer, basketball, and swim team.

Q. My family rents a home in the community. Can we participate in sports?
A. Tenants are welcomed to play sports as long as the homeowner signs a Delegation of Rights form and is on file with the office. And they need to pay with a check or money order.

Q. Can non-residents take part of the sports programs?
A. Yes, they can for some sports.

Q. How do I go about paying for anything sports related?
A. You can pay online or in our office at 8809 Timberwilde Dr.

Q. Are coaches paid or do they volunteer?
A. Coaches volunteer and are “paid” with a free registration for one child in the sport in which they volunteer.

Q. Can I become a volunteer coach?
A. Yes! Fill out this form and we will let you know when the next round of sports comes up.

Q. Can I rent the soccer fields/volleyball courts/ tennis courts for my personal use?
A. No. All sport facilities are on a first come, first served basis unless there is a GNW organized game scheduled.

Security FAQs:

Q. Does the Great Northwest have 24 hour patrol Security Officers?
A. Yes. Emergency situations should always be called into 911 FIRST.

Q. What is the number to contact security?
A. 210-681-6268

Q. Can GNW Security do house checks when I am gone on vacation?
A. Yes! Fill out this form and you should hear from our Security Department.

Q. I am not sure if I should call Security or 911?
A. Here is a link to our pamphlets. Scroll to the one that says “Security” and you can read about situations for which you should call GNW Security and which ones you should call 911. In all emergency cases, call 911 FIRST and you can always give our Security a call second.

Payment System FAQs:

 Q. Can I make my Association payment online?
A. The BB&T Online Payment System is an optional payment method offered to associations and management companies that have entered into a lockbox relationship with BB&T Association Services.

Q. What is the fee for making a payment by credit/debit card online?
▪ A fee of 2.5% of the transaction amount is charged for payments made online by credit card.
▪ A flat $4.95 third part processing fee is charged per transaction for payments made online by debit card.
Fees are subject to change without notice and will be disclosed to you before you complete the transaction.

Q. If I pay online now by credit/debit card or eCheck, will I be charged automatically next month?
A. The BB&T Online Payment System by card or eCheck payments is a one-time payment option. You
must initiate an online payment each time you want to make a payment by card payment.

Q. What type of receipt will I receive if I pay by card?
A. Once you submit your payment online by credit/debit card, a receipt page will appear confirming your transaction. Print this page for your records. If you enter your email address during the time of the transaction for credit/debit card payments, a receipt will also be sent electronically to the email you provided.

Q. Is there a maximum payment amount per transaction for payments made by credit/debit card?
A. The current maximum payment amount for a single card payment transaction is $10,000.00. Multiple online payments can be submitted toward the same obligation; however, each payment transaction will incur a processing fee.

Q. What is eCheck?
A. eCheck is a one-time electronic funds transfer by ACH debit to your checking or savings account at a U.S. financial institution.

Q. How will the payment by eCheck look on my bank statement?
A. When you make a payment by eCheck, a debit will be applied to your account for the amount of your payment in addition to the processing fee. The name that appears on your bank statement is the Great Northwest.

Q. When will my payment made by eCheck be applied?
A. Payments made by eCheck could take up to four business days to be processed and applied to the Association’s account. A business day is every day except Saturdays, Sundays and bank federal holidays.

Q. What types of accounts can be debited through eCheck?
A. You can pay online through a checking or savings account at any U.S. financial institution.

Q. What is the processing fee for making a payment by eCheck online?
A. There is no convenience fee for making a payment online by eCheck.

Q. Is there a maximum payment amount per transaction for payments made by eCheck?
A. The current maximum payment amount for a single eCheck payment transaction is $20,000. Multiple online payments can be submitted toward the same obligation.
Q. What is BB&T Association Pay (ACH)?
A. When you enroll in BB&T Association Pay (ACH), you are authorizing a recurring electronic funds transfer by ACH debit from your checking or savings account at any U.S. financial institution.

Q. How will the payment by Association Pay look on my bank statement?
A. The name that appears on your bank statement is the Great Northwest or an affirmation.

Q. When will my payment made by BB&T Association Pay be applied?
A. When your payment is due, your account will be debited automatically on the 3rd of the month. If the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday, accounts are debited on the next business day. Enroll online through the 25th of the month to be effective for the next debit month by visiting Paper authorizations must be received by the 20th of the month to be effective for the next debit month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the last business day prior to the 20th.

Q. What is the convenience fee for enrolling in BB&T Association Pay (ACH) online?
A. There is no convenience fee for enrolling online in Association Pay (ACH) online.

Q. If I enroll online in Association Pay, will I be charged automatically next month?
A. Payments will continue to be automatically debited from your account when they are due.
The transfer of funds from your account will not cease until you notify us in writing on or
before the applicable cutoff date to be effective for the next debit date.

Q. What type of receipt will I receive if I enroll in BB&T Association Pay online?
A. You may print the authorization page for your records which contains the terms and
Conditions of Association Pay. Once you submit your enrollment for Association Pay, a receipt page will display confirming your request. It will delineate the first month/year your payment will be debited.

Q. How do I cancel or change my Association Pay?
A. Cancel or change requests for Association Pay can be printed from the BB&T Online Payment System. If you are already enrolled in Association Pay, enter your coupon information on the Online Payment System log on screen. You will be presented with a screen that will provide you the forms to cancel or change your Association Pay. Please print and complete the forms and send to BB&T Association Services.
BB&T Association Services must receive cancel or change requests by the 27th of the month to be effective the following debit month. If the 27th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the last business day of the month prior to the 27th.  You may send the form by fax or by U.S. mail.
Fax to: BB&T Association Services, 727-548-0277, or toll-free fax: 866- 297-8932
Mail to: BB&T Association Services, P.O. Box 2914, Largo, FL 33779-2914

Q. Whom do I contact with additional questions?
A. Questions regarding payments or your payment history should be directed to the Great Northwest at 210-681-2986.
For questions regarding the use of the BB&T Online Payment System, please call BB&T Association Services at 727-549-1202, write BB&T Association Services, P.O. Box 2914, Largo, FL 33779-2914, or fax 727-548-0277.

Q. Is it safe to enter my personal information online?
A. Yes, we have a 128-bit encrypted server that offers the best protection available today for
your information and payment transaction data. We will not reveal any client information to external organizations unless we have informed the Great Northwest previously in disclosures or agreements, have been authorized by Great Northwest, or are required by law or our regulators.

Q. What should I do if I have a question or error on a payment that I made online?
A. In case of errors or questions about a payment you have made online, please contact the entity to which you made your payment or the credit card company or bank that you use to initiate your payment. You are responsible for resolving all disputes concerning your online payment. Any disputes in connection with online payment services provided by BB&T remain between you and the Great Northwest. By using the BB&T Online Payment System, you acknowledge that BB&T will not be a party to any such dispute or be obligated to take any action toward resolving any such dispute.

Q. Do I pay for everything on BB&T?
A. No, only your assessments. Everything else, you can pay by scrolling to the bottom of the website and clicking where it says “pay by e-check.” That is our RevoPay.

Q. What is RevoPay?
A. RevoPay is a third party payment processor that works with the Great Northwest. We use RevoPay to electronically process your payments.

Q. Do I have to login to make a payment?
A. You don’t have to login to pay, you can go where it says “quick payment.” And make a payment there.

Q. How does quick payment work?
A. Click on the box next to what you want to pay for (i.e. DRV, EV Pool Rental, Sports Registration, etc) and put in the amount that is owed. If you are unaware of the amount, please feel free to reach out to us by email or give us a call at 210-681-2983.

Q. What is my account number?
A. Your account number is the number that is associated with you and your property, so that we can keep track of your payments. If you are not sure of your account number, please feel free to reach out to us by email or give us a call at 210-681-2983 and we will be glad to give it to you. Note that your account number does not change.

Q. Can I make a registration so that I can see my payment history?
A. Of course! Just click on the “Register” button and go through the login steps.

Q. What if I want to log back into RevoPay?
A. Just put in your information in the middle column where it says “Login”.

Q. What if I forgot my login and/or password?
A. You will press the “Forgot username?” or the “Forgot Password?” and RevoPay will help you from there.

Q. Is my login the same as my login to the website?
A. No, RevoPay is a third party company that helps us take online payment. But you can make your login the same as your login on the website, if that makes it easier for you.

Q. I am having trouble with RevoPay, who do I contact?
A. Here is RevoPay’s helpful guide and can answer some more of your more detailed question:

Deed Restriction & Architectural Control FAQs:
Q. Who goes around and gives deed restriction violations?
A. Our DRACO (Deed Restriction and Architectural Control Officer) team is in charge of making sure that all houses in the Great Northwest are up to standards with our Exterior Design Criteria’s.

Q. What if I want to change something with the exterior of my home?
A. You will fill out the ACC Application and send it to or bring it into the office. The ACC will review and staff will get back with you regarding the ACC’s decision.

Q. Who approves my ACC application?
A. The ACC Committee does.

Q. What does ACC stand for?
A. ACC stands for Architectural Control Committee.

Q. Who makes up the ACC committee?
A. Volunteer homeowners with relatable skills make up the committee.

Q. Can I sit it on an ACC meeting when my application is brought up?
A. Yes.

Q. How often does the ACC Committee meet to discuss applications?
A. Every other Monday of the month. Check the calendar online when you sign in.

Q. How will I know if my ACC application is approved?
A. You will receive a call from staff.

Q. How can I notify the DRACO team if I see a violation?
A. You can fill out a form on the website:

Q. Does the DRACO check for violations?
A. Yes. You will see them drive around in a white car with “GNW” on the side.

Q. What happens if I do not comply with the HOA Guidelines?
A. A process.
1.You will get a 10 day courtesy notice on a door hanger and useful information. We will give a second warning. Then we will send you a letter in the mail for small claims court that we will have 30 days for.
2. The violation will be checked and if not fixed, a letter will be mailed to the homeowner with 15 days to cure the violation.
3. After 15 day, the violation will be checked to see if it’s cured. If not, a final letter will be sent to the homeowner with 30 more day to cure the violation.
4. The file for any uncured violation is then reviewed by the Board of Directors who will determine what further actions will be taken. This includes legal action.

General FAQs:

Q. I’m selling my home, where can I or the title company go to get closing documents?
A.  The documents can be retrieved on our website; you will go to the tab that says “Community Pages” and then click on the “Closing Documents Request.” Read through the page and at the bottom of the page, press “click here.” Here is a short cut.

Q. Does the Great Northwest offer printing services?
A. Yes. For black and white copies, the first 10 pages are free and then it’s 50 cents per copy after that. For color copies, it’s $1 for each page.

Q. Does the Great Northwest offer notary services?
A. Yes, we do offer free notary services for GNW Residents only.

Q. Where is the Great Northwest office located at?
A. 8809 Timberwilde Dr. across from the Timberwilde Elementary School.

Q. When is the office open?
A. The office is open Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. We are closed on some holidays. Check our calendar,  website newsfeed and Facebook page for updates.

Q. Are there employees who work at the Great Northwest?
A. Yes, the Great Northwest has 23 employees. They are split up into 7 different departments, Administration, Maintenance, Accounting, Deed Restriction and Architectural Control, Security, Communications, and the Community Manager who is responsible for operations.

Q. Can I work for the Great Northwest?
A. Yes, when positions become available you can apply for the position online or in person at the office.

Q. Is there a way that I can advertise with the Great Northwest?
A. Yes, we have our Passages newspaper that goes out to 5,000 homes and our email Passages 2.0 that goes out to all subscribers. In Passages, you may buy ad space. Residents can receive a 30% discount. We also have a Strategic Sponsorship for when you really want to get with the neighborhood and includes booths at our events, free participation in our 4th of July Parade, Facebook posts, articles about your business and so much more! Email our Communications Department at: to find out more.

Q. I am having trouble logging into the website, who do I contact?
A. You will want to contact our Communications Department: All other website problems, you will contact our website hosts, Nabr Network:

Q. I am having other non-login website problems, who do I contact?
A. You will contact our website host, Nabr Network, at 855-373-5722 or email:

Q. Is there a Great Northwest app?
A. Yes! Text GNWAPP to 59248 or go to your Google/Apple store and type in “GNW App”.

Q. Is there a place on the website where I can get information on solar panels, trash cans, cats, and other things?
A. Yes. We have a whole information center where there are brochures for all things Great Northwest.

Lodge Rental FAQs:

Q. Who can rent the lodge?
A. All residents and tenants of the Great Northwest can rent out the lodge.

Q. Can non-residents rent the lodge?
A. No, Residents only.

Q. How far in advance can I reserve a rental date for the lodge?
A. The furthest we can reserve a date out is 6 months in advance. The minimum is strictly 3 weeks.

Q. Can I reserve the lodge 2 weeks before the date?
A. No, 3 weeks is minimum.

Q. Can I reserve the pools?
A. Yes, but only during the pool season. Check back on our website and follow us on Facebook for the pool season schedule. 

Q. Is there a price sheet?
A. Yes, here is the link.

Q. Can I pay online?
A. Yes, But you have to come in to pay your deposit in check form and fill out the contract.

Q. How many times a year can I rent the lodges/pools?
A. Twice a year.

Q. Is there a general brochure that I can read for more information on the lodge?
A. Yes, here is the link.

Volunteer FAQs:

Q. Can I volunteer with the Great Northwest?
A. Sure! Here is a form you can fill out. Or you can look on the schedule to see when volunteer opportunities show up.

Q.  Are there volunteer groups that I can join?
A. Yes. We have the A-Team, GNWatch, Dog Walkers Watch and many more!

Q. Can I volunteer without being in a group?
A. Of course! You are more than welcome to join us when we have events and different volunteer activities going on in the Great Northwest.

Community Improvement Association FAQs:

Q. What is a Community Improvement Association?
A.  A Community Improvement Association is essentially an HOA, but a CAI is established to help continually improve an association. Every homeowners association is subject to its state’s property laws, but they each have their own governing documents. These documents include rules and regulations, bylaws, Architectural Standards’, and other restrictive covenants. All of these guidelines are intended to define the principles of the community for the sole purpose of shielding property values. You can read our guidelines and Architectural Standards on the website.

Q. Why do I have to pay assessments?
A. The purpose of the Association is to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Great Northwest and to improve and maintain common areas for the use and enjoyment of all residents. The assessments help us to achieve this and create a quality living area for all our residents.

Q. What comes with paying my assessments?
A. Plenty! We have 20+ events for residents, 2 junior Olympic sized pools, a splash pad, 3 playgrounds, 2 clubhouses that are rented out to residents only,  4 ½ basketball courts, 2 sand volleyball courts, 1 asphalt volleyball court, 9 soccer fields, 3 tennis courts, athletic teams, fitness group, clubs and a monthly newsletter!

Q. Who decides on the assessments?
A.  The Board of Directors approves assessment rates for the year.

Q. Does the GNW have a Board?
A. Yes. We have 7 homeowners who are volunteer members who are elected to serve on the Great Northwest Board of Directors.

Q. Does the Board have meetings?
A. Yes. They have both an Executive meeting every first Thursday and a Regular meeting every third Thursday of month that residents can attend and voice their concerns, comments or questions.

Q. How is the Board chosen?
A. They are elected through a process to be on the Board.

Q. Can I be part of the Board?
A. Yes, you will need to fill out an application and go through the election process.

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