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About the Board
Established in 1976 to improve the quality of life of Association members and preserve and increase the value of Association members' property.


Board Members are unpaid volunteers.They do not receive compensation for their time served as a Director or for any services rendered to the association while serving on the Board. They are your neighbors, invested in improving the community, who are selected to the position through an election.

Your Board of Directors are elected to serve three year terms of office. Each year two directors are elected, and every third year, three will be elected.

After the Annual Meeting, the Board meets the following week to elect the Board Chairman and Vice Chairman who will serve for the next year. These offices can be changed at other times in accordance with the bylaws, but traditionally these persons will serve 12 months and then either be replaced or reappointed next year by the current Board members.


Your Board of Directors hold two Board meetings each month, plus the occasional special board meeting as the need arises.

Board meetings are held at the Great Northwest Lodge.

Members wishing to speak before the Board should sign up prior to the start of the meeting. There will be two colored sign-up sheets, one for "items not on the agenda" and the other for "items on the agenda". If the Board adds a new item to the agenda that wasn't printed on the distributed copy, the Chair will ask the audience if anyone wishes to sign up to speak on any of the added items.

All regularly scheduled Board meetings start at 7 pm unless otherwise posted on the Marquee. Executive Board meetings start at 7 pm.

All meetings are open to members, public officials, or other interested individuals.

Executive Board of Directors' Meeting
The Executive Meeting is held on the first Thursday of the month, except during the month of May (when the Annual Meeting of the Members is held), and is open to all members; attendees are observers only and may not speak.

Regular Board of Directors' Meeting
The Regular Meeting is held on the third Thursday of the month and is open for all members; attendees may address the Board on matters of concern to them at this meeting.